Administrative procedure




  • Military census
    ➢ Come to town hall as you approach 16 years old to obtain the census certificate

Familial, association, social

  • Death record, birth, pacs and marriage
    ➢ In Town Halls Due to COVID-19, all procedure will be in appointment except death record and birth.



  • Alimentation’s coupon
    ➢ See with the CCAS of the municipality


Taxes, declarations; authorizations and public domain






Applications renewable each year must be accompanied by the following documents before March 1of the current year:

    • K bis extract
    • For retailers and restaurateurs: copy of the license in the name of the owner or operator of the business
    • Copy of the commercial lease or the ownership title
    • Insurance certificate
    • Description of the terrace or display and the materials used
    • Photos and side plans of the layout


Are subject to prior authorization. For any request, send a letter to:

Mr. Mayor
City Hall
BP 13

04360 Moustiers Ste Marie

Or by mail:

Mr. Mayor:

The occupation of the public domain gives rise to a fee


Phone :


The municipality is not covered by a local advertising regulation (sign, pre-sign), nevertheless a sign must be the subject of a specific authorization request in accordance with decree 2021-118 of 01/30/2012 and in application of the decree of 31/08/2012 setting the model for prior authorization of a device or material supporting advertising, a pre-sign or a sign.


  • Domain public occupation for the installation of a scaffolding, a skip etc…
    Due to the touristic city activities public works are forbidden din the city during the festival period from April 01 to September 30 of the current year.
    Tariff deliberation – Municipal Road Fee


  • Location (parking/box/houses)
    ➢ Cemetery (box): 50€/month
    ➢ Closed parking: 40€/month
    ➢ Open parking: 20€/month
    ➢ Send a request by registered mail to Mr Mayor.. Your request will be classified in chronological order and processed according to availability.

Cemetery and columbarium

  • Grave
    ➢ Grave (2m50) – Thirty-year concession: € 300
    ➢ Grave (2m50) – 50th anniversary concession: 500 €


  • Vault:
    ➢ Vault (5m²) – Thirty-year concession: € 600
    ➢ Vault (5m²) – 50th anniversary concession: 1000 €


  • Columbarium:
    ➢ Thirty-year concession: 650 €


To be informed about availabilities and procedures, contact Mr Mayor

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