Urban Planning

The Town Planning department supports citizens in their procedures and requests for planning permission.

Town planning authorizations are documents delivered to citizens during certain procedures. They constitute elements necessary for the conformity of the works or actions envisaged and are therefore obligatory.

The Local Urban Planning (PLU) regulation applicable in the municipality is available
through the link below:

Architect of the Buildings of France

➢ Appointments are to be made directly with Dignes-Les-Bains secretariat at 04 92 36 70 60

he files and forms can be collected from the Town Planning department during the opening hours of the Town Hall or downloadable using the links below:

Prior declaration (time limits for obtaining / period of validity):

CERFA form 13703-06 (Declaration prior to carrying out constructions and works not subject to a building permit relating to a single-family house and / or its annexes)
CERFA form 13404-06 (Receipt for filing a prior declaration)
CERFA form13702-05 (Receipt for filing a prior declaration 2)

Building permit for a detached house and its annexes (PCMI):

Other building permit (PC) (PA):

Town planning certificate:

Demolition permit:

License transfer request:

License modification request:

For more forms: www.service-public.fr/particuliers/vosdroits/N319

The Town Planning Authorization Department is at your disposal by email:
urbanisme.moustiers@gmail.com to answer your questions or by phone at


➢ Occupation of the public domain for commercial purposes
Public domain fee

➢ Commercial sign request

➢ Occupation of the public domain for installation of scaffolding, skip
Municipal road tax

Are subject to prior authorization.

For any request send a registered letter addressed to:

Mr. Mayor
City Hall
BP 13
04360 Moustiers Ste Marie

Or by mail:

Mr. Mayor: mairie-moustiers@wanadoo.fr

The occupation of the public domain gives rise to a fee.

Contact: Town Planning Authorization Department

Mail: urbanisme.moustiers@gmail.com

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